The dedicated and knowledgeable staff at the Autism Resource Center of Central MA.




Sue Loring RN

Director: 508-298-1605

Sue has worked at the Center since 1998.

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Cid Deleo

Assistant to the Director: 508-298-1610

Cid has been a staff member at the Center since 2010.

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Kristen Finne-Gregoire 

Waiver Program Supervisor

Autism Waiver Support Broker: 508-298-1606

Kris has worked at the Center since 2006.

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Kathy Taylor

Autism Waiver Support Broker: 508-298-1604

Kathy has been on our staff since 2006.

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David Iborra

Autism Waiver Support Broker 508-298-1617

David  joined us in 2013.

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Kathy O'Neill

Autism Information Specialist: 508-298-1609

Kathy has been with us since 2011.

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Joseph Siegel

Event and Development Coordinator

Joe joined the Center in 2014

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