How to register for an event or activity with the Autism Resource Center of Central MA.

Event Policies & Procedures

Participation in Family Fun Activities is limited to families who are registered with the Autism Resource Center. If you are not registered with the Center call 508-835-4278 to register

All activities require prior registration through this page. Registration closes when the event is fully subscribed, or two business days before the event. For many activities space is limited.

Please be punctual and arrive at the designated start time for each activity. We allow a 10-15  minute window for families to arrive but those who arrive late may find the group has entered the venue and will be responsible for paying their own entrance fees. Registration for events is for your immediate family only:  This includes the child(ren) with ASD, their siblings who live in the family home, their mother, father or guardian(s), or live in grandparents.  This does not include grandparents unless they are the guardian(s), cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, boyfriends, girlfriends.  We compare registrations to our database.  If you have added to your family please notify us so we can update our records.

Please do not ask for tickets for staff, your staff is welcome to come but either you or they will need to pay for the ticket when you get there.

Most of our activities we cannot accommodate children who are not part of the Autism Resource Center.  If you have a teen who will not participate unless an outside friend comes, please do not sign up the teen for that activity. We will allow a date to come to the Teen Dances, please call the Center for approval.  Please do not bring extra children to the activities.  Our friends and family movies are the only event we allow friends to come.

Registration fees vary for activities and are listed in the newsletter. Fee's are non refundable, unless otherwise noted. 

Those who register for an event and fail to participate will be placed on a wait list status for six months for all activities and be allowed to participate only if there is space available. We require notification via e-mail as soon as it becomes evident that your family will be unable to attend to avoid being placed on wait list status. Acceptable excuses for missing an activity include illness, lack of transportation and other unforseen circumstances.
For a quick tutorial of the registration process please click here 
Event Policy Agreement

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