We partner with State, local and national organizations to raise awareness of autism at all levels, here at the Autism Resource Center of Central MA.

Partner Programs


The Autism Resource Center is a founding member of Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts (AFAM) which was formed in 2004 to address the need for full-time representation to give our families a voice on Beacon Hill. The Center encourages all parents and interested parties to become members of this organization. Visit AFAM's website.

Autism License Plate

AFAM in collaboration with Autism Speaks is offering an Autism Specialty License plate. The organizations will split the proceeds from this specialty plate to support the organization's mission. to learn more or order a license plate click here

Autism License Plate

Mass Advocates Standing Strong

The Autism Resource Center is an organizational member of  Mass Advocates Standing Strong which is an organization of self -advocates in Massachusetts working together to empower themselves through education so that they can make choices to improve and enrich their lives. Collaborating with MASS the Autism Resource Center endeavors to assist young adults with ASD to develop self advocacy skills. Groups will be formed in the spring of 2013, watch the newsletter for details.

Camp Starfish

Camp Havvago

In collaboration with Camp Starfish the Autism Resource Center offers a short residential camp experience in July at Camp Starfish in Rindge, NH.

Each Camper is assigned a 1:1 aide to assist in participating in a full range of camp activities including swimming, boating, games, sports, sing-a-long, campfires, meals served family style, (dietary modifications available) and more. For more information visit the website for Camp Starfish  Watch the Newsletter for details, registration begins in January each year .


Autism Housing Pathways

The Center is an institutional member of AHP, and encourages all parents to join and stay involved and informed on all issues, laws, & information regarding housing for adults with autism.  Visit the AHP website.