The Autism Resource Center of Central MA provides information on current research studies in which families may participate.

Participate in a Research Study

Join forces with researchers to help put the pieces together in the puzzle of autism.  There are studies in our area that are ongoing and asking for participants.  

These studies are critical to the advancement of therapeutic and educational tools that help our children.  In choosing which studies may be appropriate for your child, read carefully the criteria to make sure your situation matches that of the study.

Each study provides contact information: please contact the study directly for more information on each.

University of Massachusetts' Child and Adolescent Neuro Development Initiative -CANDI

Learn more by reading about CANDI in their Brochure

  UMass CANDI Study - Brain Imaging: A research study for Boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Typical Development

 CANDI Fragile X Drug Investigation Trials for Children

ASPIRE - Internships for people with Asperger Syndrome

Boston Children's Hospital


Researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital in Waltham are looking for children with an autism spectrum disorder to participate in a research study to help understand the brain development.

Your child may qualify for this study if he/she has a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, between 18 months and 18 years of age, and has no metallic implants.

MEG is non-invasive, involves no injections and does not use any form of sedation.

A gift for your child and monetary compensation of $100 is provided for the visit.

For more information, contact:

Phone: 781-216-1143




Clinical Trials of New Treatments for Fragile X

For more information click here.

Mass General Hospital TRANSCEND

Mass General Hospital TRANSCEND  Study
Healthy Children/ Children with Autism Spectrum
Disorders Ages 8 to 14
Needed for Research Studies
Compensation provided
For more information click here

Boston University Research On Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Measuring Autism Potential Study

In the Measuring Autism Potential project we are exploring how children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who have very limited verbal skills process language, and how their potential for understanding speech can be reliably measured. Our broader goals are to develop novel methods of assessing children’s receptive language skills that don’t rely on traditional measures (such as pointing), and innovative intervention techniques that are especially suited to enhancing language comprehension in older children with ASD.

Researchers at MIT and Boston University are looking for children and teens ages 5-17to participate 

in a study about language.

Researchers at MIT and Boston University are looking for children and teens ages 5-17to participate in a study about language.

2-4 visits to MIT for language tests and 

safe, child-friendly MRI brain imaging

Receive a picture of your brain and 

$20-30 per hour in gift cards



We are on the MIT Campus in Cambridge. We are a short walk from the Kendall/MIT Red Line T stop. We also offer free parking.


At your convenience, days or evenings, weekdays or weekends.

Contact?Please contact us anytime at:

Phone:  617–835-7668

Web site: Click here



This research is conducted by Dr. John Gabrieliand Dr.Ken Wexler at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

and by Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg at Boston University.