Our online presence ensures that we are providing information, inspiration and resources to our families in real-time.  Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and our members-only Yahoogroup.

Online Community


Our blog is a wonderful collection of stories and messages about AND AUTHORED BY our own families.  We are always looking for new contributors - parents, friends, children, all are welcome.  To submit your story, please email Sue Loring at sloring@hmea.org.

Parent Discussion Group

The Autism Resource Center's Yahoogroup is a safe and private way to discuss topics or questions about Autism.  There are over 400 active members, all parents or caregivers, all members of the Center - your extended support base available to you 24 hours a day, year-round!

Members of our online community discuss everything from "I'm having a bad day" to "I need a new doctor." You'll find an instant group of friends who understand just what you need.

You must be a registered Center family to be approved for the group.  For more information on how to request membership, please contact Kathy O'Neill at koneill@hmea.org or call 508-298-1609.

Facebook Page

The Autism Resource Center's Facebook Page is updated daily with information about Center events, events in the community,  autism, research studies and treatment modalities