A variety of workshops and clinics are offered throughout the year to parents and professionals at the Autism Resource Center of Central MA.


Dr Robert Naseef and Dr Cindy Aiken 

Save the date: April 12 - 13, 2014

Colonial Inn , 620 Betty Spring Road, Gardner Ma

8AM April 12, 2014 - 11AM April 12, 2014


Coming in April a Parent Retreat being offered by the Autism Resource Center for partners raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Autism And Marriage: From Challenges To Coping Strategies


This co-presentation by Dr robert Naseef with Dr. Cindy Ariel examines the different perspectives that men and women bring to parenting a child with autism or other special needs. It guides couples to listen and understand each other in new ways—and work together to strengthen their relationship.

Workshops & Clinics

* Registration policies below


Parent/Professional Workshops

For parents of newly diagnosed children 


 This six part educational series is designed for families of newly diagnosed children, but is also open to any family who would like to learn more about living with autism. Includes and concludes with a 3 month Subscription to UDiscovering - Discovering Behavioral Interventions, an online parent training course that explains ABA. Offered twice a year, please check the calendar for dates and location for Spring 2014. Fee : $25.00 for parents registered with the Center  $50.00 for parents outside our area


An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders  and Center Resources,

Presented by Sue Loring RN - Director

Let’s Get Organized

This two hour workshop will give you tools to organize your child’s numerous appointments, files and more

Presented by Barbara Donati - Family Ties


The Parent Playbook

An overview of Special Education Law

Presented by Elaine Rabbitt  Advocate

Accessing Public Supports

Accessing supports offered by public agencies. Learn about various programs and agencies that can help families meet the needs of their child.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This workshop is presented monthly in addition to being part of Autism 101                                               Presented by Kris Gregoire - Support Specialist ARCCM

 Medical Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Overview of common co-morbid conditions associated with ASD

Working with your pediatrician  and a look at  DAN protocols and dietary interventions,

GFCF Diet and Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Presented by Sue Loring RN

Sensory Processing Disorder 

An overview of Sensory Processing disorders and techniques to use at home to improve your child's functioning

Presented by Natalie Marcil OTR/L


Specialists are invited many times throughout the school year to address a variety of topics. These sessions are held in the evening and are open to parents, professionals, and college students. Scheduled workshops for 2013 include:

This ten hour course will prepare parents to run a verbal behavior program at home, participants will learn ABA basics and the differences between ABA and the AVB approach. Parents will learn how to understand and interpret verbal operants and verbal behavior terminology. Participants will learn the essential components of verbal program design and the use of assessment tools ABLLS and VB –MAPS as well as one to one VB teaching components . Finally data collection and graphing procedures that make sense will be taught.
Class 1 Introduction to the differences of ABA  and the AVB approach
Class 2 Fundamentals of ABA 
Class 3 Understanding Applied Verbal Behavior
Class 4 Essential Components of VB program design
              Assessment Tools – ABLLS and VB MAAPS
Class 5 Data Collection and graphing procedures that make sense
Text : The Verbal Behavior Approach  by Mary Lynch Barbara will be provided to participants
 Class schedule: 7-9 PM, February 4, 11, 25th  March 4 & 11th  (snow dates March 18 & 25th )                                                   Limited to 14 parents                                                                                                                                                                Class location:  Autism Resource Center  FEE: $25                                                                  
Instructor: Dana Walton , M.S. Ed., Ed. S, BCBA
Director of Walton Educational Consulting


Floortime® for Parents 


 The Autism Resource Center, in conjunction with the Astra Foundation offers a course on DIR® /Floortime for Parents 

DIR® is an abbreviation for Developmental, Individual Differences,  Relationship-based. DIR® is a model—a framework—for thinking about a child’s complete development, from infancy into whole joyful personhood.

While DIR® can be a helpful way to think about any child’s development, it is particularly useful in working with children with developmental delays.

In this course, we’ll discuss the basic principles of DIR®, and learn about Floortime, a strategic, emotion-driven way of playing and interacting with a child that helps a child initiate and respond at higher and higher developmental levels. We’ll also discuss the importance of understanding each child’s unique sensory profile and how to incorporate this knowledge into Floortime sessions.

Participants will be provided with a copy of The Child with Special Needs , as part of their registration fee.

Due to popular demand this course will include the opportunity for parents to have 1:1 consultation with instructor Sarah Measures on three separate dates as the program progresses 

The Course will takes place at the Autism Resource Center Next session tentatively set for Fall 2014

Mentoring dates: will be announced and appointments will be made in Class 


Fee: $30.00 for Parents registered with Autism Resource Center 

        $60.00 for Parents from outside the Central Massachusetts area 





Open to families who have children who are DDS or Autism Division eligible, parents meet with a ARCCM Staff  for an hour to discuss challenges they are having teaching their child with ASD activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, toileting and more, and leave with a written plan of action. Clinics take place at The Autism Resource Center or DDS Family Support Centers.  By appointment  Contact the resource center for appointment time.

IEP Clinics

Open to families who have children who are DDS or Autism Division eligible, parents meet with trained Special Education Advocate for an hour to review their child's IEP, to receive assistance and guidance on special education law procedures to request change in plans, and leave with a written plan of action. Clinics take place at The Autism Resource Center or DDS Family Support Centers. Check calendar for dates and locations, registration is required contact the resource center for appointment time.

Visual Clinics

Open to families who have children who are DDS or Autism Division eligible, families may book a session at anytime at The Autism Resource Center to meet with a staff member to create visual systems to improve their child's access to communication utilizing Boardmaker, Visual Essentials and other software. Materials available to create  boards, and portable communication systems. Clinics also scheduled at DDS Family Support Centers across the region. By Appointment Contact the resource center for appointment time.

Swim and Safety Program

Taught by Red Cross Water Safety Instructors this 4 week course for children with autism and a parent is offered at local gym’s and pools. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children with ASD. This program teaches children how to be drown proof, floating on their backs and taught parents how to safely rescue their child in the water should they need without having the child panic. Check calendar for dates, registration is required.



* Participation in activities is limited to families who are registered with the Autism Resource Center unless otherwise noted, and all activities require prior registration through our registration page. Registration closes at 2 PM the last business day before an event unless otherwise specified. For many activities space is limited and registration will close when the event is fully subscribed.

Those who register for an event and fail to participate will be placed on a wait list status for six months for all activities and be allowed to participate only if there is space available. Acceptable excuses for missing an activity include illness, lack of transportation and other unforseen circumstances, but we require notification via e-mail as soon as it becomes evident that your family will be unable to attend.